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We've curated these trusted resources to help educate and empower you. Find information on legislation, elections, your representatives, and  issues important to Conservatives.


Find your US Representative, gather contact information and explore anything about the US House of Representatives from bills and committees to advice on touring the capitol. 


Not sure where to vote? Use this tool to find your precinct for caucuses and voting, where to vote, your voting district, and when the next election will be.

Find the leaders at the congressional district  and state levels, confirm who the Republican elected officials are and get to know endorsed candidates during an election year. 


For use before, during and after election dates, this is a conservative training organization, helping put in place a truly unique, separate political infrastructure. Find an upcoming training!


Explore Minnesota’s leading public policy organization to learn more details on the issues that matter to all Minnesotans.


Join the Sentinel program which helps YOU be an elite activist with weekly calls, scorecards and action tool kits to educate you in how to hold Congress accountable on legislation.

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